Founded in 2008, Green Power Technology was designed to meet the growing need for recharging. As an authorized distributor of ChargePoint Stations, EVBox, Clipper Creek, Deltaww, Grid-Scapr, BTC Power and NOVA Charger, Green Power Technology provides residential, corporate, private, fleet and municipal sectors with the most advanced, easy to use, electric vehicle (EV) charging products and infrastructures. We also are a distributor of industry leading Galileo CNG products.

Since 2008, we have grown to become the largest distributor of EVSE solutions within our operating territory, in both sale and installations. Our team has been responsible for deploying units to over 5,000 locations!

We’re a practice-led company, continually building upon the principles of honesty, integrity and responsible living. We’re committed to the improvement of air quality, carbon reduction and a healthier lifestyle. Through the development of a public infrastructure to support alternative transportation, we hope to provide a sustainable form of clean energy, and further encourage environmental responsibility.


GPT has been on the forefront of policy, development, and deployment of the EVSE infrastructure in the United States for more than 10 years. We have sold and installed more than 4,500+ chargers, servicing public, private, and fleet clients. Our association with several major automotive manufacturers and many municipal and non-profit organizations provides us a unique perspective and a deep understanding of this new and exciting segment in alternative transportation. By bringing this knowledge to our clients, they benefit in time, cost from our full understanding of the many EVSE suppliers currently in the market, knowledge about which brands best provide the equipment and options to meet their needs. Making the decision process informed, efficient, and confident.

When the time comes for the deployment and installation of the EVSE’s, we have developed an installer network that is trained and certified, promoting cost efficient best practice design, installation, and fast deployment to satisfy all Client/ Driver conditions.

Our ongoing support for our clients brings peace of mind with the investment they have made, and allows them to rely on our expertise for future development needs.

Only GPT can provide this level of comfort to clients. We are the largest supplier with the longest current experience in US for EVSE equipment and installation. Additionally we are able to provide support to national clients, if required, through our national certified contractor base.

We pride ourselves in personal client relationships, not just through the sales period but throughout the ownership experience. It is these relationships we hold most important and what we strive to ensure. You can trust and be secure in working with GPT.


Jerry Reich, CEO, Founder

Jerry Reich has filled various senior roles with OEMs, retailers and as a consultant in the automotive industry for the past 30 years. Over the course of his career he has shaped the direction for corporate re-structuring in sales and service operations for numerous luxury car companies. Reich lists the development of a global sales and distribution model that included an e-tail sales outlet for Audi North America, inclusion as one of the original executives responsible for the introduction of Porsche Cars North America, and the co-authorship of a business development model based on network expansion and a financial measurement tool for Toyota Motor Sales USA as some of his many career achievements. For the last three years, he has helped develop strategies in the emerging electric vehicle segment for OEM’s such as Tesla, Phoenix Automotive and Miles EV. Reich has also been named the first distributor for electric vehicles in the Benelux countries with All Green Vehicles of Holland.

Chris Reich, Business Development

Newest member of the Green Power Technology team, Chris Reich, serves as Business Development Manager for the Company. He has completed project management contracts in the EVSE industry with multiple public sector entities, private corporations and OEM EV manufacturers. Chris has directly supervised the installation of over 1000 EVSE stations in the northeastern United States. He has provided training, support and customer service for such entities as: The City of New York, The City of Boston, University of Maryland, The Hartford Group, BMW North America and many others. Prior to his experience in EVSE project management, he enjoyed success as Miles EV’s regional distributor of full electric utility vehicles to clients throughout TN and KY including the University of Tennessee and the University of Memphis. Chris holds a BA in Political Economy from Tulane University.


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As Green Power Technology continues to grow and expand our network of products and services, we continually rely on the support of Certified EV Charging Solution Installers and Professionals within each state. If you are interested in becoming a certified EV professional, please contact us.
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