We are full service provider for EVSE equipment with more than 4,500+ chargers sold and installed. Our expertise covers a complete menu of available services including but not limited to the following; consultancy, infrastructure design and installation as well as CNG equipment, engineering, design, installation and ongoing maintenance.

For the past 10 years we have provided consultancy to over seven hundred of clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies in addition to private individual owners of EV’s throughout the United States. Several of our clients ask us to provide assistance with design and installation of their National locations providing EVSE equipment along with training and continued maintenance.

We work with many Non Profits, State and Federal agencies through our committee memberships providing expertise for policy development, infrastructure design and proper selection of the correct application provider insuring identified requirements are met. Other services provided are individual client relationships, customer support, and National installation and equipment support through our network of partners.


We have met client installation needs by employing best practices through cost efficient design application, proper equipment selection dependent on needs assessments, and the selection of lowest cost yet highest quality GPT certified electrical contractors.

When client needs require in house or authorized vendors, we train, certify and supervise the project, insuring correct and seamless installation. Our goal is to provide the customer experience at the highest level.

Ongoing Support

Once the selection and installation has been completed GPT provides training to key personnel in the organization, on equipment usage, and driver support to highlight a few. If the equipment selected is networked, portal set up and training is performed, as well as on going assistance when the client either needs additional training or key personnel has been reassigned. In addition to servicing the covered warranty period, if extended warranty is part of the purchase, we manage and supervise repairs throughout the life of the warranty.

Once the warranty period has expired we offer additional services to maintain the equipment for a nominal fee. CNG requires on going maintenance, which is managed by GPT and performed by our certified support providers. We also develop individual support programs meeting the specific requirements should the client request this level service.


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As Green Power Technology continues to grow and expand our network of products and services, we continually rely on the support of Certified EV Charging Solution Installers and Professionals within each state. If you are interested in becoming a certified EV professional, please contact us.
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